About Us

About Us

Rubik is a professional and affordable in-home, in-business and remote on-demand tech support service. Solving tech woes throughout Greater London with a friendly human touch.

Rubik provides a wide range of tech support services including computers, home theatre, virus removal, networking, and more.

Our aim is to break down the barriers of complexity that come hand-in-hand with the convenience of everyday technology, by offering transparent and accessible, people focused tech support, to those that need it, when they need it.  Our service is curated specifically for each and every customer to ensure that each interaction is positive and relevant to our ethos.

We actively aim to create a culturally relevant experience, influenced by our customers needs as well as our interests in environmental sustainability over current tech trends.

Rubik remains unique in its identity, its culture, its level of service and as a space where men, women and their technology can finally live in harmony.